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Could broccoli hold the cure to bacterial resistance to antibiotics?

So many types of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics because the pathogens develop biofilms that protect them from being wiped.

This professor made aliyah and is shaping science in the Negev

His research group of 10–15 people is a vibrant mix of undergraduate, MSc and PhD students, and includes some qualified retiree consultants.


Hebrew University tops 2023 Israeli university rankings

The rankings showed an overall decline for Israeli universities compared to last year.

Grapevine May 15, 2022: Philanthropy still safe and sound

The BGU project will be inaugurated this week by Michael Sonnenfeldt and his wife Katja Goldman at the university’s annual Board of Governors meeting.

COVID-19: Omicron variant did not wipe out Delta, it could return - study

While the Delta virus wiped out the variants that preceded it, Omicron has not eliminated Delta, according to a new study from Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

BGU research team praised by Dr. Fauci for detecting early COVID-19 variants

Hertz and his students are part of the SARS-CoV-2 Assessment of Viral Evolution (SAVE) program at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Face masks make it harder for children to recognize people - study

This is especially important as COVID-19 mask mandates remain in effect but schools re-open, so children will continue to be forced to constantly interact with masked people.

Goldfish in a bowl

Ben-Gurion University researchers teach goldfish to drive

The goldfish were placed in a camera-operated motorized vehicle across several different sides of a room and had to reach a target area marked by a red line.

Researchers discover ruins of ancient Jewish community in Morocco

They recovered scriptures, documents, and Kabbalist amulets from the synagogue’s genizah, or hiding place for worn texts that are no longer usable.

By Jordyn Haime/JTA

What causes ADHD? New Israeli study may have found out

ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders that usually first show up during childhood. This disorder in particular is characterized by hyperactivity and difficulty focusing.

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