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Will US drone strikes face greater scrutiny after Afghanistan withdrawal?

Reports that US drone strikes in Afghanistan killed civilians are being investigated.

War by remote control: 'Drone Wars' book review

The book is an eminently readable survey of drones’ past, present and future.

Iran’s attacks are finally shining a spotlight on its deadly drones

The Iranian attack on a ship off the coast of Oman has had the effect of highlighting Iran’s use of deadly kamikaze drones.

US-led coalition discusses challenges in Iraq and Syria - exclusive

Among the challenges that the US face in their ongoing efforts against ISIS are continuing drone and rocket attacks likely carried out by pro-Iranian militias.

ELTA's Drone Guard system

Israel is leading the way as drone swarms come to the Middle East

Evidence shows not the creation of “killer robots,” but rather the networking of drones and other autonomous or unmanned systems.

US Army soldiers keep watch on the US embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq January 1, 2020

Iran has declared war on the US in Iraq through its proxies - analysis

Iran has done this before, using pro-Iranian groups in Iraq to wage an insurgency against America after the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq.

US condemns drone attack on Erbil in Kurdistan region, Iraq

The attack took place the same day that pro-Iranian militias, called Popular Mobilization Units, held a parade showing off their weapons in Baghdad, including drones.

A number of new generation Iranian centrifuges are seen on display

Iran nuclear centrifuge facility substantially damaged in attack - sources

Iran claimed throughout the day that the sabotage failed and caused no damage or casualties.

Drone attack said to target US forces in Iraq

There are believed to have been 45 attacks this year on US forces in Iraq, and around seven of them have involved drones.

Drone displayed in Army Day parade in Iran, April 18, 2021

Iran’s proxies in Iraq increase drone war against US forces

On Sunday, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said that two drones were intercepted by air defenses at al-Asad air base.

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