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Reunion party
The Human Spirit: Reunion

What do you say after 50 years? I’d really like to ask “How did your life turn out?” but “Where do you live?” is easier.

The Knesset building
Knesset calls off meeting to discuss false charges of abuse and harassment

The backdrop to this meeting has much to do with internal Likud politics.

United Hatzalah Womens Unit
The women of United Hatzalah step to the plate

With a full house to care for and a job, the ladies of the United Hatzalah Women’s Unit have a lot on their plate. But that doesn’t stop them from pushing everything aside in order to save a life

AN EL AL Boeing 777 aircraft is seen at Ben-Gurion Airport
No gender seating

It is legitimate and even important to respect a person’s religious beliefs and practices, but that can only be the case when it does not affect the rights of other people.

Handmaid's Tale
WATCH:‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at large in Tel Aviv

Stepping gingerly out of the award winning novel by Margaret Atwood, the crimson clad ladies toured the White City. Bypasses viewed slack jawed but some hecklers were displeased.

Debbie Weissman
‘Memoirs of a Hopeful Pessimist’

"One can be a great lover of Israel and still be critical, that one can be a religiously observant Jew and a feminist."

Linda Sarsour Courtney Love
Courtney Love: Linda Sarsour is a 'vile disgrace'

Rocker lashes out on Twitter against the controversial anti-Israel activist.

Slutwalk Tel Aviv
Hundreds say no to misogyny and rape culture in Jerusalem 'SlutWalk' protest

Israel combats rape culture, joins international SlutWalk movement in a special demonstration held in Jerusalem.

hikind sarsour
NY lawmaker pushes back against anti-Israel activist's supporters

“This is not a matter of opinion. It’s all there in Sarsour’s own words — her Tweets and the things she has told the press and said on stage"

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walks next to Palestinian women in Jerusalem's Old City
Learn from Islam

Perhaps one day a woman will be appointed not just to an administrative position, but rather to serve as a full-fledged rabbinical judge.

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