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OMAR SHAKIR, Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine director, looks up before a hearing at the Supr

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel, Facebook of crackdown on free speech

Facebook has also been involved in recent years in limiting incitement on its platform in the US, EU countries and elsewhere, with an ongoing debate about whether it has struck the right balance.

Human Rights Watch head slammed for tweet on Iran’s attack on Saudi

The Head of HRW called Iran's attack on Saudi Arabia “far better than the Saudi crown prince’s attacks on Yemen.”

Human Rights Watch's Shakir defiant as Israel deports him: I'll be back

Omar Shakir’s deportation marks the end of one of the most controversial fights ever between Israel and one of its human rights critics.

OMAR SHAKIR, Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine director, looks up before a hearing at the Supr

Did Israel sledgehammer its reputation as a functioning democracy?

And, are Israel’s ongoing conflicts with international bodies endemic to being viewed as the ‘occupier’?

Human Rights Watch representative Omar Shakir

Is HRW official being expelled for BDS or criticism of Israel? - analysis

The court suggests it was about both human rights and boycotts – and where they are connected, Israel can deport someone whose human rights’ criticism takes the shape of specific calls to boycott.

Omar Shakir from Human Rights Watch

Israel’s Supreme Court rules HRW Director can be deported over BDS

Human Rights Watch is weighing an appeal to a larger judicial panel of the verdict by a three judges. If not appeal is lodged, Shakir could be asked to leave the country within 20-day.

Algeria shuts down Protestant churches, police arrest worshipers

“This last notification is not the result of coincidence, but a provocative response to the sit-in of October 9 in front of the Bejaia Province headquarters,” said EPA head Pastor Salah Chalah.

Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth

HRW head says no one questions Israel's right to exist as democratic state

Roth added that "Israel can define itself any way it wants. Lots of governments define themselves in nationalist terms."

Human Rights Watch representative Omar Shakir

High Court changes tune about quick hearing to expel HRW official

Omar Shakir has been fighting government efforts to expel him for his alleged support of boycotting Israel for over 14 months.

People wave European union flags

Facing realism in Europe

These options can be summarized under three major policy prescriptions along which a new immigration policy would have to be designed.

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