A U.S. B52 bomber
When 'secret flights' aren't very secret – analysis

Netanyahu's flight to Saudi Arabia was easily trackable; so were two B-52 bombers which crossed Israel. Were they sending a message?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman
Netanyahu meets Saudi crown prince MBS, Pompeo in Saudi Arabia

The plane returned to Israel after only a few hours.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum meets with UAE businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor
Iran supports all terrorists in the world, UAE mogul claims

"Hezbollah controls everything and while they are present there is nothing we can do to help. Someone must get rid of them."

Three US senators introduce resolutions to stop arms sales to the UAE

The senators said the Trump administration, seeking to rush the sale as it brokered a peace deal between the UAE and Israel, circumvented the normal review process.

Saudi Arabia is pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel - report

Lucman's statement follows Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement that Islamabad has been placed "under pressure" by the United States, and other unnamed countries, to recognize Israel.

BDS calls to boycott those involved in normalization

BDS activitsts are also instructed to "not deal with any product or activity of a person or institution that has previously been involved in normalization and has not withdrawn from it.”

Trump can help Israel against Iran in final months - analysis

It's likely that the US and Israel have something up their sleeves that can’t be mentioned.

Sudanese protesters chant slogans as they gather ahead of a rally to put pressure on the government
Israeli defense delegation heading to Sudan this week

A second, larger Israeli delegation is planned to depart in the coming weeks. The second delegation will focus on economic issues, including water and agriculture.

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan pressured to recognize Israel

Khan refused to name the countries that have been pressuring him.

Israel to ratify Bahrain normalization as Pompeo heads to Middle East

While in Israel later this week, Pompeo will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and is likely to discuss Iran, China and the Abraham Accords.

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