pay for slay

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) speaks to demonstrators following oral arguments in the Masterpiece
Congressman calls for PA official to be blacklisted as sponsor of terror

“This vile practice must end, and your administration has the courage and moral clarity to do it.”

Court lets state seize ‘pay for slay’ funds from terrorist prisoner

The Defense Ministry said that the incident was in October 2005 and took place in Hadera with Omar helping transport the terrorist.

Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz
In any dispute you look at the facts

The Palestinian Authority continues its sickening “pay-for-slay” program its horrifically anti-Semitic educational programs, or its government-condoned hateful clerical sermons to the masses.

NGO threatens to sue Citibank as ‘pay for slay’ terrorist funds conduit

Allowing such “pay for slay” funds to pass through its accounts could expose Citibank to both civil and criminal liability under the US Anti Terrorism Act.

Money for terror.
Dichter to PM: Enforcing law against PA ‘pay for slay’ not optional

Bennett: "You say you want to fight terrorism. The best way to do it is to dry it out and take away its money."

PA determined to remit terror salary payments in defiance of Israeli law

The PA has declared its intention to continue paying terrorists' salaries through banks in the region, leaving the institutions vulnerable to prosecution.

US Jewish group criticizes Joe Biden's call to restore funding to PA

The organization added that Biden's proposal may be “partially illegal” under the conditions of the Taylor Force Act.

Israel returning money to PA deducted to stop terrorists’ salaries

PA paid NIS 517.4m. on these salaries in 2019, some NIS 15m. more than previous year

Gazans wait to draw money from an ATM in Rafah
Banks prove to be 'weak link' in terror funding, close terrorists accounts

The decision came ahead of legislation set to take force on Saturday, which makes the transfer of 'pay for slay' payments to terrorists a criminal act.

PA must halt pay-for-slay policy for ‘peace and prosperity’ - analysis

“The antithesis of peace is taking money to reward terrorists for being terrorists... You cannot have a state that rewards terrorism – this is contradictory to the whole world order.” – PMW official.

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