Satellite the size of 6 tigers to crash into Earth's atmosphere Wednesday - ESA

Though the ERS-2 satellite is huge as far as space debris goes, it is expected to safely fall to the Earth without causing any harm or damage.


Russia's Vladimir Putin arrives in UAE, first stop on Middle East trip

Moscow also said that Putin will then travel to Saudi Arabia and will meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

Satellite images show Israeli tanks 5 km. into Gaza - New York Times

The Times report says that “satellite imagery taken Monday morning shows the substantial scale of one of Israel’s main advances into northern Gaza."

Israel's IAI agrees sale of advanced satellites to Azerbaijan

The satellites are uniquely advanced, having better than 0.5 meter native resolution and a long life span with high imaging performance.

Iran's launch of Noor 3 satellite casts shadow on Middle East - analysis

Iran, which has hinted about the launch for months, sees this as a major achievement.

IRGC'S Nour 3 satellite launch successful, Iran says

Iran, which has one of the biggest missile programs in the Middle East, has suffered several failed satellite launches in recent years due to technical issues.


Kim Jong Un to Putin: Russia will triumph against 'evil' Ukraine

When asked by reporters if Russia would help Kim build satellites, Putin replied: "That's why we came here."


North Korea says latest spy satellite launch failed, but will try again

Pyongyang has said it needs a military reconnaissance satellite to boost monitoring of US military activities.


Runway to be built by China located in territory claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam

Reports cite the satellite images which show the airstrip stretching across Triton Island, however, the runway itself is reportedly much shorter than others China has built on contested islands.

Australian Space Agency identifies mysterious object found on beach

The object was likely part of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that was launched on April 22, 2023 by the Indian Space Research Organization.

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