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Hacking of Russian satellites would justify war, space chief says after alleged hack

"Off-lining the satellites of any country is actually a casus belli, a cause for war," said Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT Hassan Rouhani (right) and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Who wanted to pay the pri

How Iran’s satellite program faced setbacks under Rouhani

The project manager for Iran’s Fajr program discusses Iran’s satellite initiatives, which are entwined with their rocket program.

Iran launches a military satellite in April 2020

Iran's satellite program had been facing setbacks since 2012 - analysis

Former Iranian satellite official Hossein Shahrabi Farahani argued that Iran’s satellite program has declined over the last seven years following its previous successes between 2009 and 2012.

Comms. Min. delays sale of Israeli satellite company to Hungarian company over Orban ties

The communications ministry is avoiding selling Israeli company Spacecom to Hungarian company 4iG due to concerns that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is closely tied to the company.

From Uber to NASA, gives weather advice to a variety of companies plans to launch its first proprietary satellite into orbit this year.

Satellites built by Israeli students launched from NASA's Florida base

The Israeli students' satellite launches marked the first-ever instance where eight satellites built by students were simultaneously launched.

From hunting terrorists in satellite images to cancer cells in a microscope

CEO of AI-powered oncology platform: A rising tide lifts all boats, and there was an increased understanding of the importance of companies like us.

Iran launches 'three research cargos' into space

Iranian media says Iran successfully launched the Simorgh space-launch vehicle (SLV) to an altitude of 470 km. with cargos on board, releasing footage of a rocket being launched as evidence.

US Space Force holds war game to test satellite network under attack

The training exercise involved an adversarial group working to simulate an aggressor nation with space capabilities like Russia or China.


NASA astronauts set for spacewalk after unforeseen delay

The spacewalk was delayed after an anti-satellite missile test conducted without warning by Russia generated a debris field in low-Earth orbit.

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