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Iran launches 'three research cargos' into space

Iranian media says Iran successfully launched the Simorgh space-launch vehicle (SLV) to an altitude of 470 km. with cargos on board, releasing footage of a rocket being launched as evidence.

US Space Force holds war game to test satellite network under attack

The training exercise involved an adversarial group working to simulate an aggressor nation with space capabilities like Russia or China.


NASA astronauts set for spacewalk after unforeseen delay

The spacewalk was delayed after an anti-satellite missile test conducted without warning by Russia generated a debris field in low-Earth orbit.


Space war and lessons unlearned - opinion

The danger of weaponizing space and preparing for first-strike attacks against satellite capabilities is greater than in the past. To avoid escalation, the lessons of the 1960s should be considered.


Asteroid's insides to be examined by ESA radar satellite probe

The target for the ESA's Hera mission is Dimorphos, a 160 meter-long asteroid that is part of the Didymos binary asteroid system, alongside the 780 meter-long Didymos.


Satellites, ships in crosshairs: Are Russia, China running circles around US? - analysis

Russia is carrying out missile tests on satellites and China has built mock US aircraft carriers for target practice. Are these threats to the US?

Russia puts ISS at risk with debris generated by anti-satellite missile

The US State Department expressed outrage after a Russian anti-satellite missile test generated debris which put the ISS at risk.


International Space Station nearly struck by Chinese satellite debris

Space debris has become a major concern for all satellites orbiting the Earth, not just the football-field-sized ISS.


Ex-CIA officer talks US-China space wars on solar, fusion energy, mining

As much as the public may not focus on space satellites wars, it is not hard to absorb the stakes as most of the public knows that they already benefit from satellites throughout their daily lives.

Asteroid skimmed past Earth and no one saw it coming

2021 UA1 was about the size of a golf cart and flew just 3,000 km. away from the planet — Far closer than the Moon, as well as most communications satellites. Why did no one see it coming?

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