women of the wall

Religious life in Jerusalem and Women of the Wall

I wonder if they keep the other Torah commandments, especially those for women.

Women of the Wall – your sisters invite you to dialogue – opinion

The stones of the Kotel have born witness to cultures rising and falling, as authentic Judaism has endured.

The Women of the Wall extend forgiveness to those who wronged them

We understand and know that the only way for change to happen is for both sides to extend compassion.

The Western Wall plaza has been divided into prayer sections to comply with restrictions on gatherin
Women of the Wall accused of violating coronavirus restrictions

Women of the Wall attacked at Western Wall, suspect arrested

A time to take a look within

“That’s it?” I thought to myself. How could it be that this crowd of seminary girls, yeshiva boys, and photographers are so inflamed about a few women coming to pray at the Western Wall?

Women of the Wall to resume prayers at the Western Wall

CEO of Women of the Wall said that one can only imagine how the Western Wall would be perceived by every Jewish person from Israel and from the diaspora, had the Kotel compromise gone through.

Women of the Wall write a letter in protest of Arye Deri's decision

The organization expressed great concern about the decision, despite "the pain caused by leaving the Western Wall empty for the first time in the State of Israel's history."

Well-behaved women seldom make history

Our presence as women in the public sphere is something that was not always taken for granted. It is the result of the determination of “provocative” women.

Seven years after my arrest, Israel is still in religious handcuffs

It was a crime of passion – prayer. I had been praying at the Western Wall with Women of the Wall, wearing a tallit exactly as I had since my bat mitzvah.

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