yom kippur war

Israeli TV series peers into the Yom Kippur War's ‘Valley of Tears’

Amsel, a veteran writer in the Israeli television industry, has been working for a decade as co-creator and co-writer on Valley of Tears, a heralded series about the Yom Kippur War.

A scene from the new Israeli TV series ‘Valley of Tears.’
HBO buys the rights to the Israeli series ‘Valley of Tears’

The series, which aired on KAN 11 back in October, stars some of Israel's highest profile actors.

Former IDF Intelligence head Shlomo Gazit
Ex-IDF intel. chief Shlomo Gazit dies at age 93

Gazit is credited with rehabilitating IDF intel. after 1973 war disaster

 IDF medical crew evacuating an injured soldier from the battle field during Yom Kippur War
Defense Ministry releases color footage from Yom Kippur War

47 years later, rare footage shows scenes of soldiers during the war

Yom Kippur War series 'Valley of Tears' releases promos ahead of premiere

These previews give a glimpse of a multi-strand series that tells stories from this war that have never been dramatized before.

Memorial for those who fell in the Yom Kippur War, 2020
Netanyahu: Preemptive strike against Iran still an option

Gantz on coronavirus: "We didn't respond as was fit, but we will succeed this time as well."

Amid coronavirus, this year's Yom Kippur is another kind of war

Most of the country is focused on the current battle against the COVID-19 pandemic – or, rather, on the fever-pitch fighting within the government about how to curb the alarming rise in morbidity.

The confession of an ardent Zionist

Am “Al het” of the shortcomings of a people returned to its land.

Reopened Yom Kippur War archive reveals new docs from Arganot Commission

The material released includes correspondence between the committee and the head of Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Eli Zeira who admitted "I do not shirk from this responsibility" of error.

A lone soldier on a mission in Syrian territory during the Yom Kippur War

The Yom Kippur War was characterized by ferocious firepower that cost our country 2,656 soldiers, at a time when our population was less than three million.

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