Ignoring Train Derailment and Treasonous Daring-Do? Introducing "The Pastor Effect"

Lately, a lot of significant news stories impacting peoples’ lives have not been covered in the nationwide mainstream US media, and it begs the question of “why are there such glaring omissions in coverage?” Sure, there’s time on broadcast news or space in newspapers to cover stories which undermine the reputations of certain politicians or to make a huge deal out of stories which are nothing but fake news inflated into questionable narratives! But, the media are supposed to be servants of the public in free societies, and they still don’t take this responsibility fully, despite glaring inconsistencies reported by grass roots news sources. What we’re getting still consists of a lot of “smoke and mirror” distractions.


I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons, and I really don’t purport to understand what all these may be. News directors will have to account to the public and to G_d why they persist in continued deception by omission. One thing I’ve noticed -- if an Evangelical Christian pastor figures prominently trying to solve or deflect serious problems impacting a myriad of people, then the stories aren’t covered very well or even not at all. If Rabbis, Imams, Priests, Ashram leaders, Gurus, etc., had any impact in large news stories and if these spiritual leaders were virtually ignored, then there would be a huge outcry from adherents of these faiths that the coverage is biased. But, it seems to be okay if the “hero” of the story is an Evangelical of any status – pastor, deacon, music minister, Sunday School teacher, nursery workers, etc. – are involved.


I call this phenomenon “The Pastor Effect”. That is, if a pastor has anything to do with a story, the matter gets buried. It might be on local news, but then the coverage is usually incomplete and the pastors are edited from the report. Forget about seeing the story on national news. Is this fair when innocent lives are at stake from the consequences of the event?


On Wednesday, August 3, 2017, at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, a CSX train carrying dangerous materials derailed in the small town of Hyndman, Pennsylvania. According to CSX spokespeople, this was one of the worst train derailments in the history of their company. People from the town of Hyndman were evacuated due to an explosion, fires, leaking materials such as acids and molten sulfur, and potentially explosive chemicals such as liquified petroleum distillates. Yet, it wasn’t reported nationwide. A liquid tanker car sort of jack-knifed out of the line of derailing cars, and rolled into the house and garage belonging to a couple who were asleep in their bed. The couple said the tanker car came within 10 to 15 feet from the edge of their bed and they could have been killed on impact (then there was the potential for more fires/explosions from this tanker car). Talk about a rude awakening!


The couple was very shaken up, and a neighbor came to help; this neighbor was a member of Tri-State Ministries Church on the oustskirts of town. The neighbor immediately took the couple to this church where the staff was more than happy to help out. After counseling with the pastor, Steve Leydig, the man found The Lord (an event which should make every devout Jew and Christian rejoice). Then, the church became the center of the relief and recovery efforts since they were far-enough out of town where the evacuation orders did not apply. What did the local news report as the official evacuation center? A school in the town. (I question whether this school was still within the boundaries of the evacuation zone.)


There were concerns of leaks from the chemical cars of toxic materials, and that the leaking chemicals could pollute the town’s water supply. The people at Tri-State Ministries Church stated that they were on a separate well from the town’s water supply. Miraculously, at the time the well was drilled, the hydrologists remarked that the capacity of the well was exceptional or unusual in that the source, if needed, could provide water for the whole town of Hyndman. And, that is exactly what this remarkable water source is doing now – serving as the water supply for everyone in Hyndman.


I learned today that this previously-described event was reported on the “RT” Network (Russian Television).


Another issue – Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne (originally from South Africa, but now a naturalized US citizen) uncovered a widely involved plan to assassinate President Donald Trump. Pastor Howard-Browne is an Evangelical pastor with a church in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and sources I know consider him a reliable man and upstanding minister. (In other words, he isn’t one of the charlatans who have been known to “fleece their flock” – he isn’t that kind of person.) He received this information from a senior member of Congress who spoke to Howard-Browne on condition of anonymity.


At the same time that Howard-Browne tried to go public with this information (late-July, 2017), former director of the CIA Brennan confirmed on CNN  that there is an active plot to kill President Trump.   Also, July 20-22. 2017, at the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen Colorado, former Director of the FBI Comey, and Director of National Security Clapper both said that Trump should be removed from the US Presidency, and that government officials need to rise up to act against un-American practices in which the president allegedly engages.


Last time I checked a dictionary, all of this talk circulating in these high government circles was called “TREASON”. Like it or not, Donald Trump is a populist who has been legitimately elected by the American people and the Electoral College to serve as US president. This is not a legal way to deal with these parties’ grievances against an American president.


Both issues should have been declared from the rooftops of the halls of power in both Washington, DC, and throughout the east coast of the US. But they weren’t. Americans should be outraged. Instead, we are in the dark.