The United States’ Role and Support of Israel in the Global War on Terrorism - Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Caroline Glick posted a telling opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post this week:

Glick is concerned about the United States Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.  Until his retirement from the Marine Corps in 2013, Mattis was in charge of the United States military authority called the Central Command.


The United States military apportions the globe into various areas of responsibility.  Much of the Middle East is under the responsibility of that part of the United States military called the Central Command. Twenty countries fall into the Central Command’s area of responsibility.  Among these nations are Israel’s neighbors: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.  Also included are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and the Emirates.

 Believe it or not the country that is noticeably absent from the Central Command’s area of responsibility is Israel. Could it be that violent terrorist Hezbollah to the north and violent terrorist Hamas to the south are not extremist enough to warrant Israel’s inclusion into the Central Command’s area of responsibility?  The Central Command owns up that the Middle East is the global epicenter for terrorism and violent Islamist extremism, and accounts for 78% of all terrorism incidents worldwide. 


So where has the United States military placed Israel in terms of its areas of responsibility?  Well of course, Israel along with Cyprus are part of the European Command… what a bunch of horseshit.  When the head of the US European Command visited Israel in early March, he is shown a Hamas tunnel and is honored to lay a wreath at a Holocaust memorial. The only thing he did not do was to plant a tree in one of the JNF forests.  Something is terribly out of whack here.


 Don’t get your hopes up.  In terms of the United States’ role and support of Israel  in the global war on terrorism, we get hind tit, if that.