The peace process - a play

BACKGROUND: Arabs have been killing Jews. United Nations Resolution partitioning one state for Jews, another for Arabs. Jews approved. Arabs rejected. The Jews continue building the land. Arabs continue killing Jews.
Jew; “I don’t know about you but to me no means no. You didn’t want your state. We do. We’re building it.”
Arab; “Stop! Stop building! That land is mine!”
Jew; “What are you talking about. You said you didn’t want your state. You rejected it!”
Arab; “That doesn’t matter. It’s mine. Don’t you tell me what I don’t want. I’m taking what you’ve got. It’s mine!”
Arabs continue killing Jews.
Jew; “OK. Let’s sit down at Camp David and sort out this mess.”

Jew; “OK. I’ll give you more than anyone has ever given you before. Take it and leave us in peace.”
Arab; Not on your life!”
Arabs continue killing Jews.
Jew; “I tell you what. I’ll drag my people out of the Gaza Strip. Take it until you can decide to come back and talk to us”.
The Arabs grab the land and continue killing Jews.
Jew; “Nu! Come talk to us already!”
The Arab comes to talk.

Jew; “OK. I will now give you even more than we gave you last time we met at Camp David. How about that? Are you happy now?”
Arab; “Not enough!”
Arabs continue killing Jews.
The Jew throws his hands in the air in despair.
Jew; “For heavens sake! What do you want from me? Enough, already!”
The Arab walks away.
Arabs continue killing Jews.
Curtain falls.
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