2 Cuban dissidents released from jail

HAVANA — Two well-known Cuban dissidents were released from prison Saturday, despite the fact both men said they wanted to remain in jail until other opposition leaders were freed and other demands were met.
The release of Hector Maseda and Angel Moya means that just seven of the original 75 opposition figures arrested in a 2003 crackdown remain in Cuban jails — but neither was happy about it.
The decision to release Moya was announced more than a week ago, but he had refused to leave jail — saying he wanted ailing dissidents to go free first. On Friday, the Roman Catholic Church announced that the government wanted to release Maseda, but he too turned them down, saying he wanted authorities to exonerate or pardon him, not simply grant him parole.
In the end, jail officials simply tossed the men out, saying they could no longer stay behind bars, even if they wanted to.