2013 peak gas year for Israel

Israel's natural gas consumption increased 30 percent from the years 2010 to 2013, the Energy, Water and National Infrastructures Ministry announced on Sunday. 2013 also now replaces 2010 – the year in which Israel received gas from Egypt and from its own Yam Tethys reservoir – as the peak supply year for natural gas in the country.
Compared to 2012, 2013 represented a 170% increase in gas supply to Israel due to a shortage last year that only ended on March 31, 2013, when gas from the Tamar reservoir began flowing in Israeli pipes. In 2014, natural gas use is expected to increase further, from this year's 6.91 billion cubic meters of gas to 8.6 billion cubic meters of the resource, the ministry said.
Energy, Water and National Infrastructures Minister Silvan Shalom hailed the increase as "important news," stressing that the country's transition to natural gas will help reduce the cost of living for all of Israel's citizens.