AIPAC urges congressmen to take action on Iranian threat

AIPAC has sent US congressmen letters cautioning against what it termed “the US government’s continuing relationship with dozens of companies doing business with Iran,” the organization said in a statement released Tuesday.
The letter stated that “three successive American administrations have failed to enforce the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996,” adding that while the US government turned a blind eye to investments amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in Iran’s energy sector, Iran had continued to present “the international community with a growing, and now urgent, threat.”
The letter detailed the specifics of Iran’s noncompliance with the UN and the West, citing Teheran’s rejection of “US-European engagement efforts” and defiance of Security Council resolutions “requiring that it halt its illicit uranium enrichment efforts.”
In it finals clause, the letter urged Washington to impose “crippling sanctions” on the Islamic republic.