Man given 3 years for letting relative hide explosives in his house

A Bedouin man was sentenced to three years in prison for allowing his relative to hide explosives and ammunition in his home, the South District Attorney Office announced on Thursday morning.

 Ahmed El-Katnani was sentenced by the Beersheba Magistrate Court after he had received a bag from his relative Khalil El-Katnani and agreed to hide it in his bedroom.

 The defense said that the then 18-year-old didn't question what was in the bag due to his respect for and fear of his relative. Later, the defendant reportedly opened the bag to reveal ammunition. The bag also contained an explosive device, detonator and stun grenade.

 While the defense tried to argue that the accused's innocence was taken advantage of and wasn't aware of the illegality of storing such items, the court determined that the younger El-Katnani was acting manipulatively.

 In addition to his three-year sentence, he was given a 6-12 month suspended sentence and a NIS 15,000 fine.