Israeli sex offender acquitted for rape of Holocaust survivor

The Nazareth District Court acquitted a man accused of raping an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor on Monday, saying that the relationship was consensual.

Adel Hiev, who had previously served prison time for sexual assault, gave a more compelling recollection of events according to the court, and evidence indicated that he was even paid NIS 300 for the intercourse.

The two reportedly conversed cordially in recorded phone calls, and in sexual banter. The court said that the woman allegedly offered to introduce the accused to her friends for sexual services.

Israel Women's Network CEO Hadas Daniely Yelin attacked the ruling as a failure of justice, saying that responsibility lies with the attacker to ensure consent, not the victim to object. She said that it was not possible that a sex offender had gone on to harm another woman, and urged the State Attorney's Office to appeal the decision.