Avalanche kills at least 22 in northeast Afghanistan

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan - A wall of snow has engulfed a village in northeast Afghanistan killing at least 22 people, officials said on Thursday, in the latest in a series of avalanches that have killed more than 100 people this month.
A rescue team including the governor of the district went to the village in Wakhan district of the northeastern Badakhshan province that borders China to search for survivors and help victims, provincial governor spokesman Abdul Marof Rasikh said.
The avalanche happened on Wednesday but due to the remoteness, news of the incident only came out on Thursday.
Though avalanches are fairly common in the mountains of northern and eastern Afghanistan, deaths this year were particularly painful for a country which has experienced its worst winter in decades.
Earlier this month, avalanches killed at least 45 people in Nuristan province, near the border with Pakistan while 37 people were killed in Badakhshan.