Ayalon congratulates Netanyahu, Liberman on political unity

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Saturday blessed the leaders of the Yisrael Beytenu and Likud for uniting their political parties to run on a joint list for the 19th Knesset.
"The leaders of the two parties did well," Ayalon said at a a cultural event. "[Foreign Minister] Avigdor Liberman and [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu joined together prior to the elections in order to clarify to the voter what is at stake. The voter can choose whether to elect a large unity government, one which is experienced, cohesive, and representative of the majority of Zionists, workers and those who share in the public burden; or they can choose to elect fashionable, inexperienced splinter parties with not ability to lead."
Ayalon added that the coming years are critical for the State of Israel due to growing threats in the Middle East and the ongoing economic downturn. "Israel does not have the privilege of engaging in fashionable adventures," he said. "The Likud-Beytenu will lead to a new system of government that will adhere to the will of the Zionist, working and studying majority, without political blackmail."