Bielski the latest Kadima MK to quit politics

Former Jewish Agency chairman Ze'ev Bielski became the latest Kadima MK to quit politics Thursday when he announced that he would not be running in the January 22 election.
Bielski joined MKs Dalia Itzik, Marina Solodkin, Ronnie Bar-On, and Ya'acov Edri, who quit Wednesday. But unlike Solodkin, who quit protesting her low placement ninth on the Kadima list, Bielski chose not to run despite being given the fourth slot.
"They put me in a terrific place on the list," Bielski said. "I could have returned to the Knesset, but I couldn't make the real contribution I wanted to make in a small party, so I decided to give others a chance. I got to the end of the path. As a party, we made a lot of mistakes that put us in the terrible place we are now, so I decided to take a break and decide later how to contribute. I didn't zigzag or jump ship. In life you just need to know when to come and go."