Britain will leave EU "not just in name", Brexit minister says

BIRMINGHAM - Britain will leave the European Union "in fact, not just in name", Brexit minister Dominic Raab will say on Monday, warning that London's "willingness to compromise is not without limits" and leaving without a deal is very much an option.

Prime Minister Theresa May's government has adopted a new strident tone in its dealings with the EU, angered after what some saw as an ambush in Austria last month when several of the bloc's leaders criticised some of her Brexit proposals.

But ministers are also keen to use the governing Conservative Party's annual conference in the central English city of Birmingham to try to win over Brexit supporters who fear May is leading Britain towards leaving the EU in name only.

"My approach to Brexit is pragmatic, not dogmatic. Our proposals would deliver a historic agreement that provides a roadmap out of the EU and a final deal that will be good for the whole country," Raab will say, according to excerpts of his speech.

"But our willingness to compromise is not without limits. We are leaving the European Union in fact, not just in name."