Brothers slain in drive-by shooting

Two brothers from the northern Arab town of Salim were shot dead on Friday, in what police suspect was a gang slaying. The victims, Forsan and Sultan Sabihat, ages 31 and 32, respectively, were driving away from a wedding celebration held by relatives in Jaljuliya when a vehicle drove past carrying a gunman who sprayed their car with bullets.
The brother-in-law of one of the brothers and a female relative were also in the victims’ car, a Galilee police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post.
The spokesman said he could not confirm reports that the brothers have been identified as belonging to the Hariri family, which has been locked in a deadly underworld dispute with the rival Kadar family for years. “This is one of the things we are checking. All options are still open,” the spokesman said. The car drove a few dozen meters away from the party on Route 531 when the shooting occurred.