Canada: 51-months jail for Iran export controls violator

Toronto businessman Mahmoud Yadegari was sentenced by a Canadian court to 51 months in prison on Thursday  for trying to ship goods to Iran that could be used in the country's effort to develop its nuclear program, the Canadian newspaper The National Post reported. Yadegari is a dual-citizen of Iran and Canada.
Yadegari, 37, was arrested in April 2009 after he was caught trying to ship pressure transducers to Iran valued at 2,000 dollars in violation of UN restrictions on exports to Iran.  A pressure transducer is a piece of equipment that can be used as part of centrifuge to enrich uranium as well as having several other, harmless industrial applications.
The Ontario judge who found Yadegari guilty said she believed that he was motivated by greed, not by any desire to assist Iran's nuclear designs.