Channel 10: Netanya employs ex-cons to collect on debts

The Netanya Municipality has been using a debt collecting company, Hadas, that employs tough men including ex-convicts to collect on residents overdue parking fines, Channel 10 reported on Tuesday.
Channel 10 showed footage of the men brusquely entering delinquent parking ticket offenders homes and intimidatingly demanding payment for debts owed to city hall.
Both Netanya Municipality and Hadas company officials responded to Channel 10's discovery of Hadas collectors with criminal records, by saying that they were unaware of the matter and would look into it to take corrective action. The municipality justified its contract with Hadas, which it has already extended by another year, by pointing to the dramatic reduction in outstanding debts owed to the city by residents since it began working with Hadas.
The employment of workers with criminal records in municipal services is illegal under Israeli law.