Coalition member attacks Israel's Supreme Court

Minister of Housing and Construction and Kulanu party member Yoav Galant verbally attacked the Israeli judicial system on Tuesday at a meeting of the Kohelet Forum in Jerusalem, NRG reported. He spoke out against the Israeli the Supreme Court and claimed it was overreaching, saying, "There's an agreement that the Israeli courts have broken all normal boundaries of judicial activism, and populism has entered the courts."
"The government was abandoned in a legal sense," he said, adding that the court "isn't able to serve the collective good of its citizens."
He went on to say that there has been "extreme activism in the courthouse" and that "the government's legal adviser feels free to interpret things however he likes."
Galant voiced his belief that legal advisers have taken power away from the average citizen of the state. Citizens who voted for "representation in the Knesset."
Galant served as a major general before serving time as Military Secretary for the Prime Minister in 2002 and 2005. After his retirement, he joined Kulanu in 2015 and was appointed Minister of Construction in the coalition.