COGAT head Abu Rokun: 'Hamas is leading you to the abyss'

"The terrorist group Hamas is leading the parade and sends you to the border fence risking your lives," wrote COGAT head Maj.-Gen. Kamil Abu-Rokun on Arabic social media on Friday, "while Hamas leaders are watching things from a safe distance. People of Gaza, think for yourself and do not be led by a leadership that exploits you!"
Over 190, 000 Muslims prayed in the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is located on Temple Mount in Jerusalem to mark the last Friday of Ramadan, IDF spokesperson stated.
Over 90,000 thousand Palestinians were able to cross from the West Bank into Israel do celebrate the Muslim holiday. "Stability and security allow for life to flourish," IDF spokesperson stated, "freedom of worship and a real Ramadan celebration, unlike the terror regime that is choking those who reside under it."