Colin Powell says Iran nuclear agreement 'a pretty good deal'

Former US secretary of state Colin Powell voiced his support for the Iran nuclear deal on Sunday.
"It's a pretty good deal," Powell said on NBC's Meet the Press.
In answer to those who say the deal will speed Iran's path to a nuclear bomb, Powell said that they were "forgetting the reality that [Iranian leaders] have been on a superhighway, for the last 10 years, to create a nuclear weapon or a nuclear weapons program, with no speed limit."
He said that it was "remarkable" that Iran had agreed to reduce its number of centrifuges and uranium stockpile, as well as halting use of its plutonium reactor at Arak.
"I think a very vigorous verification regime has been put into place," Powell said in response to critics of the inspection regime put in place as part of he deal.
"I say, we have a deal, let's see how they implement the deal. If they don't implement it, bail out. None of our options are gone," Powell added.
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