Court extends remand of Beersheba man who killed two

The Beersheba Magistrate's court on Friday extended by 14 days the remand of Yevgeni Bagatz, 23, a local security guard accused of shooting to death his wife and a man he suspected she was having an affair with during a double murder in the city on Thursday night.
Around 8pm on Thursday Bagatz walked into a hair salon on the city's Masada street and shot ad killed his wife Galina Bagatz and salon owner Ruslan Zachrov, 47, who he reportedly suspected was involved romantically with his wife. Almost immediately after the shooting Bagatz walked out of the salon and called police to confess to the shooting. Later that night he reenacted the crime for police investigators.
Bagatz used the firearm from his day job as a security guard in the city to carry out the double murder.
The couple reportedly have two children together, one aged six and the other three, while Zachrov has two children of his own.