Dad claiming 'sperm theft' ruled liable for child support

The Tiberias Family Court on Sunday ruled that a man who claims the mother of his five-year-old child "stole his sperm" in order to become pregnant must nonetheless pay child support.
The child was conceived when her father, A. and her mother, R.. had a one-night stand while living in a shared apartment, but the parents gave conflicting versions about the circumstances. A. claimed that the child was conceived as a result of "sperm theft", that R. had no intention of maintaining contact with him and that she had informed him she would bring up the child by herself, and would not sue him for child support. R. denies these claims, however.
In dismissing A.'s arguments, Judge Assaf Zagury said that minors "cannot be restricted by the behavior or understanding of their parents", and therefore A. must pay child support.
Both the mother, R., and the child are named on the family court suit against A., but the judge noted that in fact the child is entitled to file a suit independently of R.
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