Deputy Minister Mazuz drops demand for a fancier car

Deputy Environment Protection Minister Yaron Mazuz backed off from his demand on Tuesday for a fancier car than the one normally provided to deputy ministers.
Mazuz had an apparent change of heart after his request was reported on Army Radio and he faced public criticism. He will make do with a Chevrolet Malibu, which costs the government NIS 160,000, as opposed to a car that costs NIS 250,000.
The Likud deputy minister claimed he needs the more expensive car because of health issues.
Mazuz originally made the request to the Finance Ministry, which refused to spend more on his car than the designated amount for a deputy minister.
He then tried to get the car he sought via the Knesset, as opposed to the government, where he was also rebuffed.
Daniel Dushinsky of the Movement for Quality Government told Army Radio that “MKs have forgotten what modesty means. Even worse, they’ve forgotten who they are serving – the public, and not the other way around.”
Dushinsky said most of the public can’t afford the car Mazuz is receiving, and yet that is not enough for him.
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