'Druse price tag' spray-painted at Jewish sage's tomb

Unknown assailants sprayed graffiti and caused minor damage inside the tomb of a Jewish sage outside Tzfat over the weekend, the northern district police reported on Saturday.
The graffiti, which read “Druse price tag” and “the prophet Khader is not to be trifled with” in Hebrew, was discovered by a couple that was hiking near the tomb of Yonatan Ben-Uziel, who called police to report damage to the site.
Inside the tomb, there was damage to the partition dividing the male and female portions, and books scattered on the floor, police said.
Northern District spokesman Yehuda Maman said they don't know of any dispute over the site, not involving Druse or anyone else. He added that police have no suspects and are not sure if the vandalism was caused on Friday night or Saturday morning.
Ben-Uziel was a student of Hillel the Elder known as the author of Targum Yonatan.
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