Egypt's ElBaradei cites terms for dialogue with government

CAIRO - Senior opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei set three conditions on Monday for ending a boycott of Egypt's elected Islamist president and working for a national consensus.
The former head of the UN nuclear watchdog called for the appointment of a "neutral and credible" government capable of managing the country, an independent prosecutor-general and a panel to draft a new elections law.
Speaking at an economic conference organized by the leftist Popular Current party, ElBaradei said the opposition was prepared to work with President Mohamed Morsi for Egypt's sake.
"We are waiting for President Morsi to understand that time is not on his side, not on Egypt's side," he said. "We will begin a dialogue if three conditions are met."
ElBaradei is a senior member of the National Salvation Front, a loose umbrella grouping of liberal and leftist parties which threatened to boycott parliamentary elections due to have been held this month, but which were postponed until the autumn after a court annulled the government's election law last month.