Esther Pollard cuts husband's GPS monitor as he goes free

Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard took a step toward freedom on Sunday, as his wife Esther removed the GPS bracelet that monitored him during his five years of parole restrictions, with permission from the parole commission.
Pollard sent the press a letter expressing appreciation to his wife for her support.
"Thirty years ago, my beloved wife Esther found her way into USP Marion, the highest security prison in the United States, where I was languishing in a dungeon cell three stories underground behind 13 locks and keys," he said. "Esther reached out and cut the shackles off of my heart and restored my soul to life. That is when the fight for my freedom began in earnest. Fast forward 35 years. Today, Esther, fearlessly cut the GPS device off of my wrist, restoring me to almost complete freedom."
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