Haim Oron: Knesset must recognize Armenian genocide

Following a US congressional committee's approval of a resolution classifying the World War I-era killing of Armenians as a genocide, Meretz chairman Haim Oron called on the Knesset to follow suit.
"It is incumbent upon Israel's Knesset in particular to conduct a thorough debate and reach a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide that occurred nearly 100 years ago," said Oron in an interview with Army Radio on Friday morning, warning that "the attempt to deny it and erase it from history is part of a campaign that has consequences for other denials."
Oron, who has attempted twice in the past to push through a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, said he would continue raising the issue until the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks is officially recognized by the Knesset.
Due to the special relationship and close alliance between Israel and Turkey, which has showed signs of breaking down lately, Israel has avoided recognizing the Armenian genocide at all costs, and the government has in the past thwarted all attempts to promote such an official recognition.
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