High Court postpones ruling to imprison Emmanuel mothers

The High Court of Justice on Sunday afternoon ordered a further postponement in its ruling to imprison the mothers from Emmanuel, and will reach a decision on the matter in a closed hearing this Tuesday. The ruling also applies to Yehuda Fuksman, whose wife Devora gave birth on Thursday.
In its decision, the court stressed that despite their claims, the parents were well aware of the verdict ruling them to prison issued last Tuesday, and “despite them being provided with many opportunities to fulfill it without coercion, they acted in various ways to thwart [the ruling].” The court also noted that it took into account requests from parents to cancel or postpone their imprisonment.
The court also noted the “irregular remarks” against the institution and especially one of the justices, referring to Edmond Levy, which were voiced “as part of the legitimate public discourse,” including by public nominees. “The attorney-general is requested to examine whether these are to be considered contempt of the court,” the High Court's decision read, “and to instruct the public nominees according to what is necessitated by their status and position.”