High Court rejects Meretz Beit Yehonatan petition

The High Court of Justice on Sunday rejected a petition filed in March by Meretz lawmakers that called on Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, the Jerusalem police and the municipality to immediately implement an outstanding court order against the seven-story, Jewish-owned Beit Yehonatan structure in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.
Meretz MKs Haim Oron, Ilan Gilon and Nitzan Horowitz, together with former Meretz MK Ron Cohen had hoped to push forward both the court order and halt state-sponsored security arrangements for the building, which has been the scene of a number of violent incidents in recent years.
The court order, which calls for Beit Yehonatan's residents to be evicted and the building to be sealed, has been delayed for over two years, due to internal squabbling within the municipality regarding the larger issues of building codes and their enforcement in east Jerusalem.
In Sunday's verdict, the judges wrote that the matter was not one to be decided by the High Court, and the case was referred to a lower claims court.