HRW: Iran's statements not incitement to genocide

Washington -  The head of the powerful New York-based Human Rights Watch refused to label Iranian calls to obliterate the Jewish state as genocide and compared Iranian’s Mullah leadership to the Shas  party.
The Wall Street Journal's David Feith, as assistant editorial features editor with the paper, obtained internal HRW emails and published last week an  eye-popping report about alleged HRW bias against Israel and an internecine conflict within HRW’s top leadership about the group’s head, Ken Roth, and  his failure to take Iran’s calls to destroy Israel seriously.
The WSJ reported that Sid Sheinberg, HRW’s vice chairman, wrote in an email: “Sitting still while Iran claims a ‘justification to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel’ …is a position unworthy of our great organization.”