IDF general at JPost confab: US-Israel ties are an anchor to our security

IDF Brig.-Gen. Uri Oron, the head of Air Force Intelligence on Sunday lauded ties between the United State and Israel as being at a pinnacle amid an evolution of regional threats facing the Jewish state.
"US-Israel relations are an anchor to our security, a fundamental factor based on common values and interests," he stated at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York.
Israel is facing a transformation of enemies and their evolution, Oron said noting state-actors such as Syrian President Bashar Assad, and groups such as the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), Hezbollah and Hamas.
"Syria is the stage for global processes right now; everybody is there," he noted.
The solution to these threats, he proposed, can be found in Israel's technology and "qualitative military edge" along with its man power and ties with allies.