Iraq to sell 5 passenger planes stranded in Jordan

Iraq says it wants to sell five decrepit Iraqi Airways planes stranded in Jordan since after Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.
Saddam had sent the planes to Jordan to hide them when it became clear a U.S.-led coalition would attack Iraq to force it to relinquish Kuwait. Saddam feared the strikes would target Baghdad's airport.
Iraq's Transportation Ministry spokesman Aqeel Hadi Kawthar says there are three Boeing 727-200s and two Boeing 707s parked on the tarmac in Amman.
Iraqi Airways also published an advertisement in Jordan's Al Rai newspaper on Thursday for bids on the planes.
Iraq decided to liquidate Iraqi Airways in May to avoid Kuwait's demands for more than $1 billion in war reparations.
The Jordan sale could raise some cash for those demands.