Israeli Arab mayors criticize Netanyahu comments inviting protesters to leave country

Israeli Arab mayors criticized comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he invited protestors to leave to the West Bank or Gaza, as Rahat’s mayor warned tensions could spread to the South if the situation does not calm.
Faiz Abu Seheban, the mayor of the Beduin city of Rahat in the Negev told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Tuesday that the government needs to deal with the rising tensions and violence between Arabs and the state before it spreads to the south.
Israeli Arabs have expressed furor against government officials and the police, which killed an Arab attacker during an arrest operation on Friday evening in the village of Kafr Kana.
Violent protests have mainly taken place in the north and Jerusalem but have generally not reached too far south.
“We ask the prime minister to open up an investigation,” regarding the shooting, said Abu Seheban, adding that the tensions in the north are affecting Arabs in the south.