Israeli lawyers sign petition to prosecute Klaas Faber

A petition signed by 150 local lawyers calling upon the Israeli government to urge Germany to take legal action against a convicted Nazi was submitted late Wednesday to the office of Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman. The petition urged Neeman to take action against SS executioner Klaas Faber, who is living unpunished for his crimes in Ingolstadt, Bavaria.
The petition, which was organized by Advocate David Schonberg, expressed the lawyers’ sense of outrage that Faber, who was sentenced to death in the Netherlands for a string of murders he carried out in the service of the SS but who escaped to Germany in 1952, has been living unprosecuted and unpunished in Germany for decades, despite several requests from the Dutch government for his extradition to serve his sentence, which had been commuted in the late ’40s to life imprisonment.
The Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi-hunter, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, welcomed the initiative and added that “Germany’s failure hereto to put Faber on trial or return him to Holland are a travesty which must be corrected as quickly as possible, while justice can still be achieved.”
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