Israeli professor: High Court judges should be hanged for Palestinian suffering

A left-wing academic who teaches at Beit Berl College near Kfar Saba stirred controversy on Monday after accusing the Supreme Court of being complicit in causing Palestinian suffering.
Dr. Anat Rimon-Or, a lecturer who specializes in education, wrote a scathing post on Facebook denouncing the court for its decision to rule in favor of the state in keeping a hunger-striking Palestinian journalist in administrative detention.
Mohammad al-Qiq, whom Israeli authorities say is linked to Hamas, has not eating in 90 days. He is currently hospitalized in serious condition at Emek Medical Center in Afula.
Rimon-Or, who is also an activist, wrote: “One day, the High Court justices will be put on trial for the worst kind of treason. My hope is that they will be hanged just like every single person convicted of crimes against humanity for all of the horrible things that they helped bring upon the Palestinians, the miscarriages of justice done to Israelis, and the whitewashing of crimes that helped those who are bilking the country’s natural resources.”