Katzav's lawyers to quit in protest of decision to hold trial 4 days a week

Moshe Katzav's attorneys will file a request asking the court to allow them to step down from representing the former president in protest over the decision made by a panel of three Tel Aviv District Court judges headed by Judge George Kara to hold the sexual crimes trial four days a week. Attorneys Avraham Lavie, Zion Amir and Avigdor Feldman expressed anger over the court's decision to hold the hearings at what they called "an unprecedented rate," a move which they claim will not enable them to attend to any other case. Legal experts told Channel 2 on Saturday that in order to prevent the trial from dragging on, the court will probably not accept the request unless the lawyers find someone to represent Katzav in their stead. The former president's trial is scheduled to begin on September 1.