Lebanon's Hariri vows to confront Sunni radicals

BEIRUT, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Leading Lebanese politician Saad Hariri vowed on Friday to tackle sectarian radicalism in his Sunni sect but said Shi'ite Hezbollah must end its involvement in Syria if Lebanon is to avoid being drawn into a "sectarian holocaust".
Citing the example set by his father Rafik Hariri on the ninth anniversary of his assassination, Hariri said moderation must win out as Lebanon faces violence fuelled by the Syria war and a political impasse that has left it without a government.
"We will confront incitement and dubious calls to drag Lebanese, particularly the Sunnis, into crazy wars with no use other than to pull Lebanon into a sectarian holocaust," he said.
Hariri was speaking to his supporters from an undiscolsed location abroad via video link. He has in the past cited security reasons for staying outside Lebanon.
Hariri's comments were a firm reassertion of his leadership over a Sunni population where the influence of radical groups has started to grow because if the Syria conflict. It also follows a move by Saudi Arabia, his main regional backer, to jail citizens who go overseas to fight.