Liver donor found for Shirli Marder at last minute

Woman whose liver failed returned from airport to seek transplant after tooth extraction goes awry
The Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva was on Monday night conducting urgent tests to determine whether Shirli Marder -- the 27-year-old woman who suddenly suffered liver failure after taking ibuprofen for a tooth extraction -- can receive a donor liver found at the last moment.
The potential donor is an older man at Sheba Medical Center suffering from lower-brain death. The family of Ramat Gan woman who had an extremely rare reaction -- only four such cases have been reported in the medial literature -- had planned to fly her to Paris for an organ transplant. But in a dramatic turnabout before the plane was due to take off, Israel Transplant found a potential donor, and she was returned to the hospital for the likely transplant.
The company that sells Nurophen said it has no more details about the case involving the common painkiller, which has been sold since the 1960s, but was sorry about the tragedy.
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