Livni: Netanyahu failing to combat worldwide 'de-legitimization' of Israel

Livni Netanyahus gover

Following her meeting with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on Wednesday, opposition leader Tzipi Livni addressed the Knesset, accusing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government of going too far in adhering to former prime minister Ben Gurion's famous statement, "It doesn't matter what the gentiles say, only what the Jews do." So far, said Livni, Netanyahu's government had "not done a thing" to combat the "de-legitimization process" of Israel's status as the Jewish state, its military operations and its stance on negotiations with the Palestinians. "Under worldwide attack, Israel's government must not act like a motionless deer caught in the headlights," she said. A peace agreement with "these pragmatic Palestinians who have renounced terror and believe in the two-state solution," said Livni, was in Israel's best interests.