Livni: We're in danger of waking up to a different Israel

Israelis are in danger of waking up one morning to a different Israel, said Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni at the Herzliya Conference Wednesday.
Livni asserted that Israelis today are not debating the true issue - that the state's minority will impose its will on the Zionist majority. Due to a fear of opening this debate, she stated, "we are in danger of waking up one morning" to a different type of state.
"The worst part it is that this group, the Zionist majority, that talks about threats from outside, and also about reaching an agreement with the Palestinians - a group that understands that the Jewish state of Israel is national religious and not haredi (ultra-orthodox) - this group is disappearing, and we are left with a small window of opportunity to make decisions and create a vision that represents the essence of Zionism," warned Livni.