MK Ofer Shelah: Netanyahu is a serial shirker of responsibility

MK Ofer Shelah attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's conduct on the violent eviction of activists from the hilltop of the West Bank Amona outpost on Thursday.
"Netanyahu is a serial shirker of responsibility and he cares not which institution he harms, IDF or law enforcement," Shelah assailed. "He does the same when he attacks the Chief of Police or the Attorney General in order to avoid the court, now he's accusing the Military Secretary because he's afraid Bennett will use it against him."
"Does anyone really believe that Netanyahu remembered to delay an evacuation in the middle of the night, and the Military Secretary just went to sleep instead of relaying the message?" Shelah said. "That is disrespectful for a person who happened to serve under the corruption of the Prime Minister."
"Everything happening in Syria is a failure by the PM," Shelah added. "Netanyahu akes pride in his relations with Trump and Putin, yet Trump pulls out the troops and lets us deal with Iran on our own, while Putin regulates Syria with Erdogan and Rouhani. that is not Mr. Security, that's Mr. Failure."
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