MKs renew efforts for private firms to run national parks

A group of MKs, led by Yisrael Hasson (Kadima) renewed efforts this week to approve an amendment that would allow for the operations of National Parks to be transferred to private companies.
The move was blasted by left wing groups and Ir Amim, who saw the effort as a direct way to legitimize the City of David Foundation's operation of the archaeological parks in the National Park Walls Around the Old City.
"This is a very outrageous thing, they would go to the extent of privatizing all of the national parks in Israel just to make sure Elad [City of David Foundation] can remain in Silwan," said Orly Noy, the spokeswoman for Ir Amim.
She added that Ir Amim has a hearing at the High Court of Justice challenging the fact that a private company operates a national park, but if there is legislation open about the issue, the judge will refuse to hear the case until the legislation is concluded. Hasson did not return repeated phone calls seeking comment.