Mofaz: Netanyahu is evading social issues plaguing Israel

Kadima leadership candidate Shaul Mofaz slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, accusing the prime minister of avoiding the country's most pressing issues.
"The biggest problems facing Israel are social [problems]," Mofaz told Army Radio, adding with confidence that he will triumph over opposition leader Tzipi Livni in the upcoming Kadima primaries.
"Netanyahu is trying to evade them," he added, calling on all those who took to the streets last summer as part of the mass protests calling for social justice to protest the prime minister, and ensure that he loses at the ballot box in the next elections.
Mofaz is said to have an advantage among the 55,000 Kadima members who were brought into the party by MKs, mayors, unions and key political activists and vote contractors.
The Kadima MK - who also chairs the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee - commented on the latest round of violence between terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and the IDF, saying that "if the IDF had the freedom, it could make sure that Islamic Jihad and Hamas are effectively deterred."
Gil Hoffman contributed to this report
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